Character Animation of a Fairy Ballerina - Twinklesteps

Cartoon Animation, Character Animation, Flash Animation, Animated Wizard
animated ballerina - flash cartoon animation
Cartoon Animation, Character Animation, Flash Animation, Animated Wizard
animated ballerina - dress up game

Character Animation of a Wizard
Ashlie Consulting Recruitment

Cartoon Animation, Character Animation, Flash Animation, Animated Wizard
animated wizard - flash cartoon animation
Cartoon Animation, Character Animation, Flash Animation, Animated Wizard
animated wizard - flash cartoon animation



Clients testimonials:

"Flame New Media has done a FANTASTIC job on my website. They thoroughly established my needs and swiftly came back to me with the first run, which even at that stage, was excellent.

Now, with imminent completion, the website is dynamic, creative, easy to navigate and superbly professional. In my business, image is crucial - so I am delighted with the results.
I can safely say that Flame New Media have ignited the spark!"

Lucy from Professional European Presentations - Director

"I have known the Flame New Media team since 1998. They have designed, developed and maintained the websites of my business.
I am more than happy with the websites delivered by them both in design and functionality, and at an affordable price.

Flame New Media understood the importance of working with their clients to extend the company's sales philosophy and corporate identity.With its unique animations, the design and branding, we offer one of the best website in the Safari Industry.

They are a dedicated and talented team who gave me excellent service and good Internet advice. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to other businesses who see the importance of marketing themselves through a professional and original website".

Ray from African Holiday
Managing Director

"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Flame New Media for all their efforts and hard work on our project.

Your boundless enthusiasm
and sympathy to the people the website aims to support has no doubt given us added value to the project.

it’s a really good feeling to be able to deliver such a great service and tool to those people we know will really enjoy it and get a lot out of it."

Anna from Sensory World
Trust Fundraising Manager

Actinic Ecommerce Web Design, Flash Cartoon Animation, Custom Website Design and SEO

Cartoon Animation for Websites

Flash Cartoon Animation and Interactivity

flash cartoon animation and interactivity : customise the Sensory Room

Case Study - Sensory World , an Interactive Sensory House by Fitzroy Sensory World
(see images below with links to cartoon animations))

A fun and educational online journey in Sensory World specifically designed for people with learning disabilities. The website is also widely used by schools as an educational tool and is entirely free. For this project we had to combine, interactivity, user friendliness, vibrant contrasted colours, sound and cartoon animation. Explore this imaginary world of Sensory World:

Stand out from the other websites with an original flash cartoon animation.

Animations and Cartoons can make your site more interactive, exciting and unique and are very effective to send a message accross. Funny animations and Cartoon characters can be used for presentations, education or as search helpers.

Examples of Flash animation we have created :
- Character Animation view
- Educational Game view
- Virtual Garden view
- Flash Ecard view
- Dress-me-up Game view
- Online Storybook view
- Website for Children view
- Flash Game view

- Animated Logo view
- Slide show without sound view
- Drag and Drop game view
- Introductory Animation view
- Flash map view
- 3D logo animation view
- Original navigation (horse) view

sensory house
sensory hallway

money manager

sensory kitchen

music room - the orchestra

kitchen health and safety

animated characteres : musicians from the band

kitchen hygiene

customise the sensory room - the beach

nutrition : the meal planner

ecards - disco ecard

find out more about sensory world

The Sensory Garden - Educational Game

Sensory Garden Free Online Educational Game
Sensory Garden Drag and Drop  Game
create your own garden game
Creative drag and drop game
Explore the Sensory Garden Game
Garden Activities Free Online Game
explore the sensory garden
Sensory discoveries
sensory garden activities
Learn about what to do in the garden

The Bedroom

The Lounge

sensory bedroom -  online flash game to create your own bedroom
sensory lounge - online flash game to create your own lounge

The Sensory Bathroom - Educational Game

Bathroom Health and Safety -  Free Online Educational Game
Safety in the Bathroom - Free Educational Game
Safety in the bathroom game
Learn about Safety in the bathroom
Hygiene in the Bathroom - Free Educational Game
Sensory Bathroom -  Free Online Game
Hygiene bathroom game
Learn about Hygiene in the bathroom
Sensory bathroom game
Sensory discoveries in the bathroom

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Sensory World is nominated for the Hantsweb Awards 2007

Last update 27 June 2012

Flash Cartoon Animation
We create interactive & animated websites with Flash cartoon animation. Our web animators can make your website unique and memorable thanks to Flash movies and animated cartoons for the web. Flash animation can reinforce your company branding and enhance the user experience. We have created flash animations for a variety of websites in the following fields: children, educational, interactive, sensory. Flash creations included character animation, flash games, e-cards, animated logos, slide shows, flash introductions & interactive maps.

Website Design & Online Shop Design
At Flame New Media ltd (UK), we design unique websites and online shops that can be found in the search-engines. We offer a friendly and personal service with no jargon & can look after all your web requirements. We have designed award winning websites & we have worked for major brands. Our online shops are designed using some of the most performant e-commerce software.

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Sensory World Users Feedback

What an incredible sensory tool

'Sensational' We came across your Website by accident. I got my oldest daughter, Jaimie, to try it out and she had so much fun! What an incredible sensory tool!

Thanks so much!


- Parent

Wonderful the hygiene and safety section is very good

Wonderful. I teach students at college who have learning difficulties, mainly cookery skills (entry level). It is very difficult to find suitable resources. I just happened to find your site. The hygiene and safety section is very good. I am passing this site on to other areas such as horticulture and those who teach life skills. Please produce more. Thank you.


- Teaching and Learning Leader

My pupils love programming the sensory room

This is an EXCELLENT resource!!!

I have just discovered your site and wish I had known about it before. My pupils love programming the sensory room. It is suitable for pupils with very complex needs just to enjoy the images and sounds on the interactive whiteboard, or for other more able students to be involved in programming it. Well done all and excellent website.

- Special Needs Teacher

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