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Website design and Flash Animation for  people with  learning disabilities -  the interactive Sensory World website has an interactive flash house and customisable sensory rooms.

Flash Animation and Interactivity
Sensory World - A fun and educational online journey in Sensory World for people with learning disabilities including children with learning disabilities. For this project we had to combine, interactivity, user friendliness, vibrant contrasted colours, sound and cartoon animation. Explore this imaginary world:

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interactive house and sensory rooms

Children websie - Charactere Animation and Flash Games - Twinklesteps the fairy ballerina

Children Website - Ballet

Twinklesteps - is a children website promoting ballet for the very young. The website features Twinklesteps, a little girl who loves dancing and has fairy like powers. Explore the world of Twinklesteps and enjoy dress me up games, read an online story or practise ballet watching a classical dance video. Featuring Flash character animation.
children website ballet
Flash Character animation of a Wizard - Ashlie Consulting Recruitment Wizards in the Market Research Sector
Character animation - Recruitment Wizards

Ashlie Consulting Recruitment - Ashlie Consulting is a leading Market Research and Consumer Insight recruitment company based in London with a uniquely animated website around the theme of wizardry in recruitment and head-hunting.

recruitment consultants - market research
Our webdesigners created 3 webpages for Danone - Actimel Brand

Website animation using Flash

Danone - To promote one of Danone's dairy brands in France, we were asked to create an animated Flash pop up window and 2 webpages in support of the Actimel free cd rom game promotion. This was targeted at children and required the integration of cartoon animation in line with the cdrom game.
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Our webdesigners and animators created the website of - Animated Childrens Portal

Flash Website with Cartoon Animations

Kids like it! - A portal to allow safe surfing to children and giving them the opportunity to participate and interact while enjoying cutting-edge cartoon animation in Flash. Cartoons will take over your screen.
kids directory, children directory

Flame New Media's Website Designers showed a strong and clear branding, pop up windows and a flash on off button to control the background music for Picnic Publishing

Children's books Showcase with Music

Picnic Publishing (children's books division) - A showcase of the books published by Picnic Publishing, a new independent publishing house offering original fiction, non-fiction and children's titles, based in Brighton and Hove.
Picnic Publishing children books

Our webdesigners created an online shop of outdoor toys for Playmeadow

Online Shop of Outdoor Children Toys

Playmeadow - allows you to buy online from a vast range of outdoor toys, trampolines, slides and swings. This is a a fully functional online shop with search facility by brand dressed with a colourful design in line with the children theme.
Outdoor toys

Our webdesigners created  a very soft design for a  website about caring for newborn babies

Soft look and feel for a baby theme

Newborn Parenting Course - Jacqui Nancey provides courses to help parents care for their newborn baby as well as breastfeeding advice and courses for nannies. We created a very gentle and soft look and feel to go with the newborn baby theme.
newborn parenting course


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Sensory World is nominated for the Hantsweb Awards 2007






















Last update 27 June 2012

Flash Cartoon Animation
We create interactive & animated websites with Flash cartoon animation. Our web animators can make your website unique and memorable thanks to Flash movies and animated cartoons for the web. Flash animation can reinforce your company branding and enhance the user experience. We have created flash animations for a variety of websites in the following fields: children, educational, interactive, sensory. Flash creations included character animation, flash games, e-cards, animated logos, slide shows, flash introductions & interactive maps.

Website Design & Online Shop Design
At Flame New Media ltd (UK), we design unique websites and online shops that can be found in the search-engines. We offer a friendly and personal service with no jargon & can look after all your web requirements. We have designed award winning websites & we have worked for major brands. Our online shops are designed using some of the most performant e-commerce software.

Web Design Clients Logos

Clients testimonials:

"Flame New Media has done a FANTASTIC job on my website. They thoroughly established my needs and swiftly came back to me with the first run, which even at that stage, was excellent.

Now, with imminent completion, the website is dynamic, creative, easy to navigate and superbly professional. In my business, image is crucial - so I am delighted with the results.
I can safely say that Flame New Media have ignited the spark!"

Lucy from Professional European Presentations - Director

"I have known the Flame New Media team since 1998. They have designed, developed and maintained the websites of my business.
I am more than happy with the websites delivered by them both in design and functionality, and at an affordable price.

Flame New Media understood the importance of working with their clients to extend the company's sales philosophy and corporate identity.With its unique animations, the design and branding, we offer one of the best website in the Safari Industry.

They are a dedicated and talented team who gave me excellent service and good Internet advice. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to other businesses who see the importance of marketing themselves through a professional and original website".

Ray from African Holiday
Managing Director

"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Flame New Media for all their efforts and hard work on our project.

Your boundless enthusiasm
and sympathy to the people the website aims to support has no doubt given us added value to the project.

it’s a really good feeling to be able to deliver such a great service and tool to those people we know will really enjoy it and get a lot out of it."

Anna from Sensory World
Trust Fundraising Manager



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